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Good food makes good health. In fact, we are made up of the tiny bit of food that we eat daily. For this reason, we have to be careful of the food that we take into the body.
Some cultures have a tradition of tasty cuisine. Peru is one of them, due to its rich Inca history. This, its capital city Lima was built on. Over the years, many great cuisines have been adopted into Lima’s food ecosystem that it is called the gastronomical capital of the Americas. Notably is Creole dishes and due to its proximity to the sea, Coastal cuisines.


Many of Lima’s restaurants are recognized internationally.
Oh, Ceviche aims to bring this Peruvian foodie culture to Lima. We have a vast knowledge of Peruvian cuisines due to our roots in Lima, Peru. Since 2015, we have replicated the very best of Peruvian cuisines in our restaurant using native cooking styles that make the dishes to be personal. We have run the restaurant as a family for three years and counting.
Our emphasis is on providing authentic Peruvian experience that we have to import the ingredients fresh from Peru. Not only that! Our staff is well versed in the Peruvian dishes culture that they would make you experience what it is like to eat Peruvian food. They are also glad to answer and help you with any questions that you may have.

If you have not tasted Peruvian food before, you need not worry as we have dishes that are flavored the Peruvian way. This way you would have a taste of Peruvian cuisine without actually tasting the food. If you are within Davies, Florida, you need to give us a try, and you’ll be glad you did.

 What is ceviche?

Peruvian ceviche is a traditional dish widely eaten in Peru and is composed of chunks of raw fish, marinated in freshly squeezed key lime juice, with sliced onions, chili peppers, salt, and pepper


In Peru, ceviche has been declared to be part of Peru's "national heritage" and has had a holiday announced in its honor. The mixture was usually marinated for several hours and served at room temperature, with chunks of choclo (corn-on-the-cob), and slices of cooked sweet potato. Regional or contemporary variations include garlic, fish bone broth, minced Peruvian ají limo, or the Andean chili rocoto, toasted corn or cancha(corn nut) and yuyo (seaweed). A specialty of a city in Peru called Trujillo is ceviche prepared from shark (tollo or toyo). Lenguado (sole) is often used in Lima. The modern version of Peruvian ceviche, which is similar to the method used in making Japanese sashimi, consists of fish marinated for a few minutes and served promptly. It was developed in the 1970s by Peruvian-Japanese chefs including Dario Matsufuji and Humberto Sato. Many Peruvian cevicherías serve a small glass of the marinade (as an appetizer) along with the fish, which is called leche de tigre or leche de pantera.

Wow! Wow, wow! We stumbled on this fantastically FRESH, delicious Peruvian Restaurant! Must try the ceviche! And the fried food was not greasy, light, & delicious! 

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